1. Dennis C King's Avatar
    I have lost all internet connectivity after installing "important updates" to my Windows Phone.
    Trying to open new Edge Browser, I get this:
    You're not connected - Go to network settings.
    When I try to turn WiFi on, I get this:"Can't do this right now... try again, blah blah blah...
    I have LOST:
    My email
    Office 365
    The whole internet
    I have connected the phone to my computer and gone through the half hour process to reinstall the firmware only to have THAT end in FAILURE with Phone not Found. I think all this may be related to security issue in that I am logged into the phone with a bad account but without network connectivity, I can't fix that either!
    The Folks at Office 365 said it's not their issue and sent me to windows. The Microsoft Windows team wanted to make it a Comcast Issue, (there's nothing wrong with my internet connection) a Cricket issue (how in the world is the guy behind the counter at the phone store going to help me with Windows 10 update when Microsoft won't) which it certainly wasn't because the Cricket part is the only part of the phone that is working right now!
    I need someone at Microsoft to step up and help me with this as everything up to now has been a blind alley. Like most business people today, I need my phone. I am totally out of touch now when I'm not at the office.
    07-08-2015 12:42 PM

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