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    What does this mean? The phone is only 10 months old. Its frozen before but have been able to fix it with resets. This time it wouldn't do anything at all. What does QA BER mean exactly? I expected that if this was something that wasn't included in the warranty that they would contact me to let me know or to advise me I would have to pay to fix it. No contact at all, even though when sending away this is part of the advice. This is my daughters phone so need it asap. I don't want a broken phone sent back to me, what is the point of that? And if it is still broken when is it being sent back - why is it not simply replaced as it is under warranty. The lack of contact is ridiculous. Microsoft can basically say anything and just send phones back without any replacement just by simply saying it is not under warranty.
    07-09-2015 06:02 AM

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