1. drufranco's Avatar
    I just picked one up and paid the full $120 to own it. (cheaper than any insurance option from Verizon especially since I am on Edge)
    I lost my HTC M8 over the fourth weekend at my families house and can't locate it (battery must be dead tried the find my phone with no luck) so I had to leave without it. I stopped by Verizon and was going to see if I could pick up the Microsoft Nokia 735. No luck and nothing on display. The LG Lancer along with the HTC M8 was on display though.
    I must admit I forgot all about the LG lancer. Right away though it caught my eye. Messed around with it a bit and really liked the smaller size and feel in the hand. Menus and animation moved quickly and I like the fact that it had the on screen windows bar / buttons like the HTC. It also has knock knock to wake the display.
    I was planning on using this phone to just "get by" until I could possibly find my HTC M8 or something newer comes out in the Fall to Verizon but I am pleasantly surprised with this little gem.

    Only Cons: 480P screen you do notice when reading text, 8GB memory, OS eats about half of that so I did add a 64GB card, no auto brightness (not a deal breaker at all but still)
    07-10-2015 09:08 AM
  2. Troy Mast's Avatar
    I am under Edge contract with Verizon sporting a HTC M8. I was with windows platform back in 2010 when Microsoft started the windows 7 OS. I keep going back and forth from Android to Windows. I have tried iPhone when it arrived on the scene and wasn't that captivated. I have just picked up a Lancet off of Ebay for $90. I installed my sim with an adapter and am using the Lancet as my daily driver at the moment. I am impressed with this phone so far. Not the coolest kid on the block, but it performs for my needs. It's nice to see that Microsoft and LG are still trying to get it going.
    What is interesting to me, is that the little things that I have missed since going to android. I really missed the live tiles! The Lancet is sporting 8.1 update 2, which is a an improvement from what I used to use. Battery life is great.. it would be better if I would put the phone down however.. I have cracked the screen twice on my M8 twice by dropping it. Insurance has now dropped me since the last replacement. M8 goes in the drawer, Lancet is running the show, and I am in awe.
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    07-27-2015 08:29 AM

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