1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    All of a sudden the Mic on my Nokia 1520 is not working. You can only hear me when I use the speaker. I have tried a hard reset and still no luck
    07-12-2015 03:36 PM
  2. Rohan Aswani's Avatar
    I have had this for about a month now. The only way I have found around it is to use the speaker phone (I know it is not ideal) or handsfree or bluetooth. The trouble is that the loudspeaker is also not working anymore. I am doing a factory reset of my Nokia 1520 as I write this. Fingers Crossed !

    I have also tried getting in touch with the seller (I bought it from Amazon as a sim-free device), who has conveniently ignored my messages for about a week now. I am not surprised, because the phone is just about out of its standard one year warranty.
    07-15-2015 04:12 AM
  3. jfa1's Avatar
    Have you checked your settings to see if the voice assist TTD/TTY has accidentally been enabled?
    07-15-2015 05:17 AM

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