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    I'm traveling to Mexico with Lumia Icon next week, can I get a prepaid SIM card from Telcel or other carrier there? it will work? what is the best option?

    Viajare a Mexico la proxima semana con mi Lumia icon, saben si puedo activarlo con prepago de telcel u otro? cual es la major opcion?
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    We just got back from Cancun and used Telcel while down there. My Icon worked great down there for voice and data but did not work for MMS messages. SMS messages were fine. For some reason Verizon has removed the MMS APN setting. You will need to setup the internet data APN manually to get LTE.

    I used this company to get a couples of prepaid SIMs and it worked flawlessly for both my Icon and my wife's Droid Mini.

    Mexico SIM Card | Buy Prepaid, Refillable Telcel SIM Cards
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