1. rudhawk's Avatar
    This L635 is unlocked and on H2O. I realize Denim hasn’t been released yet for Gophones, but I thought I would check. So I'm getting this error & can't figure out why. I’ve checked date & time and even changed to the 4 different time zones in USA. The update check worked in early June because it said the phone was “Up to date”.

    I have Preview for Developers but I get the same update error with this enabled.

    Could this mean AT&T Update site is down because they are preparing to release Denim to us?

    Any idea as to what is causing this error?
    07-12-2015 07:22 PM
  2. Adithesun's Avatar
    I am seeing the same error on my ATT Lumia 820 regular phone. Tried updating to windows 10 mobile yesterday by downloading windows insider app. After successfully installing the Denim update, when I go back to check updates get the error 80072f8f. Checked the date and time and tried all options found online by changing time zone and restarting. Can other solutions?
    07-13-2015 08:09 PM
  3. rudhawk's Avatar
    Well, since I couldn't get this resolved & since we don't know if ATT will ever give the GoPhone the Denim update, I decided to debrand and update to 8.2. All went well.
    07-15-2015 12:07 AM
  4. tale 85's Avatar
    It's not carrier related, I'm getting the same thing on Tmo. On a 635 Denim went great. Can't check for updates. Error 80072f8f. I guess we wait unless someone finds the cure. In the meantime, we have 635's with Denim.
    07-26-2015 12:14 AM

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