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    I just had to do a hard reset on my 925 (major problems with "resuming...", apps not loading, apps crashing while loading, major annoyances. Anyway, I turned on SMS backup and then gave it a while but I'm totally confused.
    There was no progress bar whatsoever so I had no idea what it was doing or IF it was doing anything. When I hard reset my phone and recovered everything it only recovered SMS's until March. What am I not understanding about how SMLS backup works? Did I not give it long enough to copy the texts to the server? Have I done something wrong in recovery? How does this SMS backup work. Can't get any info on that. Thanks.

    (for those interested, my phone is still doing the weird skipped scrolling on the home screen but I haven't had any apps crash yet)
    07-13-2015 08:41 AM
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    There is indeed not a very clear explanation how the sms (text) backup works.

    If you enable SMS backup then your sms will be back-upped in your MS account in the cloud.
    The idea behind the back up is that it is "always" enabled so you do not need a progression bar.
    I also do not have an idea how long it takes to do a "total" backup because it also depends on your internet connection speed and the number (size) of your sms.

    If you set up your phone again then the messages in the "cloud" will appear again on your phone but it is also not clear how "fast" they will turn up. I would suggest to check after a while or tomorrow if more sms-es are "back". If not then you did not wait long enough after you turned the sms back up on.

    A few more "need" to knows.
    -If you enable the sms back up but you delete the sms on your phone the sms will also be deleted in the back up.
    -If you enable sms back up and have a second phone with the same MS account (which also has the sms back enabled) the sms from phone one will show up in phone 2 and visa versa. And it does not matter if you use the same or different telephone numbers in the devices.

    I hope this clarifies it somehow
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    07-13-2015 01:09 PM

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