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    i have a lumia 640xl and the ear speaker went off for the first time so took it to nokia care and they replaced it and not even a week it went again so took it to same nokia care and they told that they have replaced the ear speaker again and not even a day in a call , the volume went off for a couple of seconds and came back and after that the volume slowly decreased and again it went off so took it to another nokia care and stated about the prior service and they said that if you service in a nokia care for the first time then you should go there only so i took it to the same nokia care near my home and they told that the connecting wire has been changed and again not even a day it went off today . this is the fourth time it got damaged . and i didnt even drop it down and not even a single drop of water went inside . what should i do ? please help me. should i return the mobile and wait for a new one or change this ear speaker frequently?
    07-14-2015 10:05 AM

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