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    I want to see some opinions about the clearly more preferred "glance screen" function against the notification LED.
    They say windows 10 will bring the LED back on some devices like lumia 730/735,930 but not on the 830 cuz ,you know,
    the 830 has the glance screen and supposedly it wont need a LED because of that.
    Frankly I don't really understand the role of this glance screen...now hold on,let me explain how I see the situation.

    I set glance screen in peek mode on my lumia 830.Yesterday I was in other room and I hear my phone ringing,I couldn't go answer at that moment,I went to check after 1 or max 2 minutes and of course the phone wasn't showing any sign that I had missed some events(call,sms,email...)...I mean the display was pitch black.
    Even if I send a sms from my other phone or I call myself from other phone the glance wont remain active at least 30 secs for me to see the notification.
    So in peek mode the glance is not acting at all as a notification light.Actually in peek mode the glance will go active if you wave your hand over the
    proximity sensor(works 1 time out of 10,that's because you have to wave your hand very close to the sensor in order to see it) or the glance will get activated if you move the phone(probably it uses the gyroscope) or it gets active right after you turn off the diplay after using the phone(why it activates in this case I don't understand,I just saw what is on the display just before i turned it off)...anyway that is the peek mode for glance,honestly I do not see any use for it.

    There is also a "always on" mode who eats up the hell out of the battery I presume because it has to keep the screen on all the time,even if it is at a lower luminosity it'll sure affect the battery life noticeably in a charge discharge cycle.So excluded (not viable)..not reliable.And beside that in the glance screen settings it says "Keeping glance screen turned on uses battery power"...so that we have been warned.LEDs can blink all night with imperceptible consumption.

    End there is also the "interval" mode which I didn't use but I guess it sets the glance to be active from time to time at a set interval of time.
    So if you get lucky you might see the glance when you look at the phone and see you have some missed events waiting to be checked out.

    So this function as I see it it has nothing to do with notifications.As I said if I get a sms and I do not hear it I wont even know it's there untill I
    turn on the display ofHello the phone.You get my point?

    Let me give you another exapmle just to make it clearer.

    I'm at my desk at work,working on my computer,there are more people in the office,we're working and it's quiet.
    I get a sms,"ding ding"...I read it and send a answer.After some time 2-3..5 minutes I get a answer to my sms,again"ding ding"..the thing is it gets annoying for the other ppl in the office, it's distracting,it's breaking their concentration...aso.but I'm still in the mood of having conversations through messages while I'm working(that's my business,my job,I know some will say --your working or your texting?--just leave it to me).Anyway,what do I do in order not to disturb the others,I put the messaging app on silent.
    Great,now none gets distubed but I don't want to always turn on the display to check for messages.while i'm working on my computer i just want to throw a short look at the phone and see do i have or not have missed events, i don't even want to reach for the phone(I know it sounds weird, "what,you afraid your hand will fall off if you reach too far",that is not the point here)
    Here is where the notification LED has his purpose and the glance screen does not deliver,what do i do when i want to see if I have missed events without touching the phone?
    Glance screen doesn't help here and if it doesn't help with this I don't see what is it made for if it's not made to show missed events without touching the phone!
    There are so many times i enter my room,to take someting in a hurry, just throw a short look at my phone(if I have a LED I see it from 3-4 meters away that i have notification and go check it up)if not I leave the room and do my thing in some other room,in the balcony,in the yard ..but I do not want to go near the phone ,wave my hand at 2 centimeters over the proximity sensor just to see :do I have missed event or not!

    That is my point of view regarding the glance screen,what do you think about it?
    Maybe I'm missing something here but I just cannot see any use for it!
    Does glance screen have the same functionality as the notification LED?As I see it ,clearly it's not!

    First time I had notification LED on my phone was on my Nokia E50.I know that nokia 6300 has LEDs for notification.
    I want it on my Lumia 830 too and I hope it'll get implemented with Windows 10 for phones cuz for me glance screen is nothing I can use.
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    07-16-2015 08:26 AM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    I've had a blinky light and I've had Glance. Only one deserves the capitalization in my mind.

    This urge for constant nag from your phone, I just don't get it. I'd rather have the magnitudes greater density and clarity of information and know exactly what is incoming along with important detail. Blink, blink, blink, blink. It's just an irritant to me. I don't want my phone pestering me. I get to it when I get to it. I'm in charge.

    <edit> My wife just reminded me, nagging is her job - not my phone's. Posted at her nagging insistence.
    07-16-2015 11:30 AM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    I think it just depends here.

    If you whip out the phone from your pocket, Glance can tell me weather, whether I have multiple notifications, the time, etc. just by pulling the phone out. Or by waving over the phone when its on a desk.

    When I had a Blackberry, I either turned on the screen or waited a moment to see if any color flashed.

    I guess the thing is here that they're not a perfect replacement for each other, just get what you want I suppose since your needs are different. I rather not have an LED lighting up my room at times, etc.
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    07-16-2015 03:05 PM
  4. costas60's Avatar
    maybe make it optional
    choose one over another or both
    on the settings
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    07-17-2015 05:59 AM
  5. D M C's Avatar
    Personally I find LED notification more useful than Glance.

    But it depends user to user.
    07-17-2015 06:21 AM
  6. Derausgewanderte's Avatar
    vs MS Band...

    Since owning the Band I started to depend on notifications from it. I noticed that last week when I got my replacement and was without it. Vibration or lights or a number doesn't do it anymore for me. Raise my arm and quickly see if it's important or not and ignore or pull the phone from my holder.
    07-18-2015 04:56 PM

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