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    I have lumia 920 which dont have external storage. Unexpectedly it got resetted automatically last week which swiped all my data. Unfortunately data were not synced with onedrive. After that I didnt use my mobile. I am trying to recover my files. I have found one recovery software which asks me to connect the memory as a USB flash drive.

    Help me guys to recover my files. Those files are very important :(
    07-17-2015 01:29 AM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    Unfortunately, the way modern smart phones are constructed, there is no easy way to recover files from them once the phone has been "wiped". Most probably you would need to dismantle the phone, get the drive/storage media, find the needed PC-to-drive connector (if it even exists) and then find/install the PC drivers needed to recognize that drive from your phone. Then, lastly, there's no guarantee that the files are still there since they may have been securely erased/over-written with random strings.

    Please note that this is different in simply connecting an "un-wiped" phone to your PC. This requires your phone to be turned on. Once you turn on your phone after it has been "reformatted", then most probably all of your data before the "wiping" has already been erased securely and can no longer be recovered. So even if you haven't used your mobile device yet, if you've powered it up and the phone asks you to setup your Microsoft account, chances of recovering your files are very very slim.

    But for your reference, here are a few articles you may wish to check out:
    How to turn your Windows Phone 7 device into a USB drive | Windows Central
    Does Windows Phone 8 have USB mass storage support? Of course it does. | Windows Central
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    07-17-2015 06:39 AM

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