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    It's time for me to get a new phone, cuz the screen of my G2 is now broken and i really like the Lumia 640 XL. So my question is...is it worth give money for it (180, brand new), is it gonna fill my requirements (good camera on both photos and videos, stability, good big screen, loud speaker and battery life) ? Is there anything i have to worry about ? Is its shape good, cuz i'm a skateboarder and i don't know if it's handy enough to carry it in my pockets.
    07-21-2015 02:15 PM
  2. Japser's Avatar
    This thread might interest you: http://forums.windowscentral.com/lum...nces-good.html
    Guytronic likes this.
    07-21-2015 03:05 PM

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