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    Ok, so had lumia 1020, broke the glass a while back and made do with it for a while, finally got the full unit replacement with frame, when i turn on there is no display, the phone is on and will vibrate when pushing the screen buttons and the camera shutter will open on pushing the camera button, tried connecting and disconnecting a few times but still nothing at all on the display,

    Any advice, i need my phone back! :(
    07-22-2015 03:05 PM
  2. PepperdotNet's Avatar
    If your connections are good, and the old broken one works still if you connect it again: You got a DOA part. Simple as that.
    07-22-2015 03:56 PM
  3. Steve Adams's Avatar
    Im guessing a faulty screen as well. Where did you buy it?
    07-23-2015 07:00 AM
  4. Withheld's Avatar
    I've changed a few of the kids Lumia's screens and with non-oem's it's been 50/50 with DOA's. However, a lot of them required the contacts be cleaned with rubbing alcohol a q-tip, let dry and if plugged in, the contacts on the board as well. Hope this works.
    07-27-2015 03:16 AM

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