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    Hi, a couple weeks ago I updated my phone to a windows 10 preview (I forgot the build number) and it installed fine. As expected there were some bugs, so I read online on how to fix them after restarting my phone and doing a soft reset, it didn't work. I then had to do a factory reset- or a hard reset. It then threw my phone into a perpetual state of spinning cogs and a never-ending battle that is so close to lost I can feel the defeat seeping in like a plague. I've connected it to my computer to do the NSRT but my phone only sees it as a power source. I've taken the battery out, brought it to the Microsoft store, and I've even tried to hack into it via computer. However the same problem shows every time: it only sees the computer as a power source. So alas, I am stuck in a reboot loop, and I have not found a soluble way to fix it. Luke(aka Windows Phone Central), You are my only hope. please help! Thanks
    07-24-2015 01:32 PM
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    This sounds remarkably similar to the issue I had with one of the previous builds on my 1020. Does it start up and do the spinning cogs for about 5-10 minutes then give a sad face? then start up again and repeat the whole process endlessly? If so then there is a way out of it.

    1) First make sure that you have the latest version of WPRT (Windows Phone Recovery Tool) on your computer.
    2) Attach your USB cable from your computer to the phone and press and hold power + volume down until you feel it buzz, immediately hold the volume up button and keep holding until it shows the exclamation point.
    (Step 2 actually may not work to get to the exclamation point, but if it goes to the spinning cogs again don't worry try with this other step 2
    2) Attach your USB cable from your computer to the phone and press and hold power + volume down until you feel it buzz, then on the WPRT press the option that says "My phone was not detected" (you may not need to push this either, it may find it automatically and prevent it from going to the cogs) and it should connect and keep it connected without going to spinning cogs while it downloads WP8.1.)
    3) Wait for WPRT to download WP8.1 and then it should get everything set back up for you.

    Really the biggest trick is getting WPRT to recognize the phone and stop it from getting to the cogs. It may take a few tries, but I was able to get it and get my phone back to WP8.1 and then just install the latest 10 preview 10166 I believe.
    07-24-2015 03:36 PM

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