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    So I know with 1020, if I simply share photos on to facebook, it will use the less quality 5MP photos, so I have to download the photos manually on my laptop via usb cord with the phone or from onedrive.. But would I have to download the videos from my phone or onedrive first before uploading on to facebook too, for the highest quality *with the smallest size possible? My videos are easily half a GB!

    When I download my videos straight from my phone, they stutter sometimes(I use windows media player)
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    Or better yet.. Is there an app that can reduce the size of the video files, but still have a really good quality after downloading them on my laptop?

    I downloaded a video from a concert I went to last night from onedrive. It looks good for the most part on windows media player, but when I uploaded it directly from my laptop on to facebook, the quality took a hit for sure, but its decent when HD is on. Still though I'd like to decrease the size and retain as much of the original quality as possible for faster uploading on youtube and facebook, becuase it took a whole hour to upload!.. Don't know about any good free video editing software
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