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    I was just wondering if anyone has any comparison to the first gen Moto G with LTE (universal) and the 640? In particular, general use/multitasking speed and camera quality.

    I have my unlocked universal 2014 LTE model running Android 5.1 and I'm pretty bored with Android in general (been on it since 2009). With the AT&T 640 at $79.99, I'm mighty tempted to use that to dip my toes into the Windows phone water. If I like it, then I'll probably go full in for when a real flagship launches later this year/early next year.

    App wise, I mostly just use Gmail, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Feedly, and occasionally Duolingo and Snapchat (more so for viewing others than snapping myself). I'm not really committed to any apps - if I can find the same thing elsewhere (e.g. another RSS newsfeed app), that's fine by me.
    07-31-2015 12:40 PM
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    This review by Anandtech compares quite a number of phones, focusing on the Lumia 640. Performance wise the 640 is roughly similar to the Moto G (2014). I'm not sure how the original Moto G would compare, but the specs between the 2013 and 2014 versions are similar. The chipset, CPU, and GPU specs are identical, so performance should be comparable.

    Note: this is a multi-page review, but the link takes you directly to the performance page. And please be aware that this is mostly objective benchmarking. Real world use may not get the same results.
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    07-31-2015 12:53 PM
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    Before buying my 640 I have watched several reviews and comparisons and even compared them myself (considering all the info I could find and collect), and I find Lumia much better, especially in the camera area, and Lumia is much faster considering its running more fluid os. All in all, Lumia was my subjective choice.
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    07-31-2015 03:39 PM
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    I have been using a Moto G lte as my backup phone for about 6 months. I just bought a 640 about three weeks ago. I much prefer the 640 over the Moto G and if it came down to a keep one or the other I would keep the 640. They are pretty close in performance; but with only 8 GB of storage on both systems the 640 allows you to store almost everything on the SD card. While 5.1 limits just about everthing you can put on the SD card of the Moto. Plus you can't get rid of all those unwanted apps on the Moto while the 640 lets you pick and choose. You run out of space quickly on the Moto; while the 640 keeps on trucking. I would not buy another Android phone unless it had at least 16GB of phone memory or more. While WP phones allow you to store at will, Android has too many limits. The SD card is almost usless for storing apps on an Android phone.
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    07-31-2015 06:25 PM
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    I have a moto g that I use just for apps and a wifi phone when I am on the kayak. it is a solid phone, the best experience I have had with android... Now my last real android phone was an Evo and the nexus 7 2nd gen. tablet I sold after a month... I recently bought an asus 7" tablet for like $20 new on clearance, but sold it 30 minutes later to a friend... never used it, lol. Spur of the moment.

    Anywho, the moto g is really a great phone. it really is. it it were not Verizon, I would use it more as I am an ATT subscriber. The limited 8GB and the lack of SD card is a pain, but I only have a few apps and pics of my fish are uploaded to oneDrive, so even that is not an issue. Now I believe I only paid $25 for it... Just like my 635. The moto g beat the pants off the 635, imho.

    The 640 is another story. The phone is very nice. Performance, they are about the same. Android runs very smooth on it... but I really don't push it, have emails going to it, or anything beyond using it for a pic when I am fishing (yeah... it is the phone that gets wet now) or when I am home and I need to use the chase app (I AM STILL MAD CHASE!!!). The 640 is 100% my full daily driver now. Initially it was a little sluggish at times, but it was also still restoring data in the background... Now that everything is in order, It is has been nothing but a pleasure.

    Both phones feel good in the hand. The Moto G feels solid, still surprised I only paid $25 for it. The 640 feels good too. I love that I have the case/cover. The 640 does not feel cheap and the cool thing, is if the case gets abused too much, I just replace that. Both cameras get the job done.

    In the end, it really prefers to what OS you like. I am a Windows Phone user first... So the 640 is the way to go... Shoot, it is the way to go for storage alone. If the MotoG was my daily driver, there would be so much compromise on storage from basic email and apps. With the 640, my picture and music from xbox music pass, and apps live on the SD card. 640 IS THE WINNER :)
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    08-04-2015 03:08 PM
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    Google really needs to do something about what they have done with the SD card usage on Android phones. They have made it worst instead of better like Microsoft has done. I have sometimes been critical about some of the things Microsoft has done with the phone situation. But they have hit a grand slam with the SD card goodies. Keep it up, there is hope yet.
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    08-05-2015 11:48 AM
  7. rcloke91's Avatar
    Google really needs to do something about what they have done with the SD card usage on Android phones. They have made it worst instead of better like Microsoft has done. I have sometimes been critical about some of the things Microsoft has done with the phone situation. But they have hit a grand slam with the SD card goodies. Keep it up, there is hope yet.
    I agree with you, but now they need to fix it on Windows 10 proper so tablets with limited storage can save apps to the SD card. I know it was planned but got scrapped/pushed off until later.

    And Google is changing the SD card restrictions in Android M to be just like Windows Phone.Still, storing apps on SD cards isn't ideal or perfect. At the high-end, phones/tablets should have more internal storage. It makes for a much better experience, especially as EMMC speeds continue to increase.

    [Android M Feature Spotlight] External Storage Can Be 'Adopted' As True Internal Storage Or Accessed Normally With No Additional Apps
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    08-05-2015 12:11 PM
  8. jaimeastin's Avatar
    Expanding capacity with an SD card is great. I mean super wonderful. Whey have a tiered model like apple where the storage per GB is highway robbery.... But in the end local storage is the best. Especially since it can be encrypted. Things just run better... But I am happy to have the option... 32GB should really be the minimum storage for any device.... No matter what tier or class it is in. As well as camera flash and a front facing camera. And damn it, RAM is not that expensive to add...

    I like Microsoft 3 tier model, but maybe it should really be just a 2 tier... Flagship and default. Default should be like the 640/640xl...
    08-05-2015 01:03 PM
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    All the apps run perfectly on my Lumia 640, I have Intenso 16GB class 10 SD card.
    08-05-2015 05:54 PM

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