1. jelcynek's Avatar
    Hello guys,
    I have problem with my lumia 620. When someone is calling to me I often cannot take this call. My touch screen doesn't work and it started works when I block phone and unblock. I had the same issue with my previous lumia 620. Anyone noticed that?
    08-01-2015 06:37 AM
  2. Orlando Parkinson's Avatar
    I use to encounter that problem when i had the double tap to wake feature on.. But since Microsoft released the update to fix some restart isssue.. Mine is working ok
    08-01-2015 10:01 AM
  3. anon(5843918)'s Avatar
    Yep, I've got the same issue.

    Whenever a call comes in and touchscreen isn't working and can't slide to answer, I have to press the lock button and press it again and then touchscreen works fine and again.
    08-04-2015 10:53 PM

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