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    hi guys my lumia 1020 screen its not turning on i even got the screen changed but didn't work
    tried to reset it but it doesn't show the exclamation mark i conect it to the pc and it regonizes it so the phone itself its not entirely dead

    any help would be apreciated (sorry for the english)
    08-05-2015 04:39 PM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    Hello and Welcome to Windows Central.

    By saying, "i even got the screen changed", we'll presume that you changed the screen yourself - otherwise if it was an authorized service center who replaced your screen you should bring your phone back to them and have them replace the screen again. If indeed you changed the screen yourself with no improvements from the previous screen, presuming again that the reason you replaced the screen is because it wasn't turning on, then the problem could be a faulty screen connector. Nonetheless, in both cases, the solution should be found in an authorized service center.

    Should you wish to provide more information or ask further questions, don't hesitate to create a Windows Central account and respond to this thread. And you're English is alright.
    08-06-2015 08:50 AM

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