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    I have been using my Lumia 640 LTE for 2 weeks now. Since I have several random reboots. Its totaly random - in the middle of night, then 1 day without problem, then 2 reboots in 1 hour. 5 reboots so far. So I downloaded Stop restart app and It says no problem with phone however I should install critical update which are offered to me. On the other side phone update says my phone is up to date.

    I didn't use "reset my phone" yet.
    08-12-2015 04:01 AM
  2. rhapdog's Avatar
    There are other reasons for the random reboot other than the "random reboot bug".

    The number one cause across all devices is a "fake" microSD card, which reports to be larger than it really is. A faulty microSD card will do the same thing, and is also very common. When data becomes corrupted on an SD card, the apps cannot be read correctly, and the phone will reboot.

    If the problem is a bad SD card, then your problem will get worse over time to the point that the phone becomes unusable.

    If you are using a microSD, remove it and run a few days without it. If the errors go away, then I recommend replacing it with a good quality, reputable card from a reputable retailer. There are a large quantity of fake SD cards on Amazon and Ebay, so use caution when buying. If a price seems too good to be true, it very well may be.
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    08-12-2015 07:21 AM
  3. dhark's Avatar
    Well, I am not using any microSD card.

    Other suggestion?
    08-12-2015 01:58 PM
  4. rhapdog's Avatar
    Only other suggestion at this point is faulty hardware. Once in a while you get a phone that has a bad memory chip, and that can cause it as well. Other causes would be things like dropping it in a vat of soda pop, etc.

    I'd take it for repair under the device warranty.
    08-12-2015 03:58 PM
  5. dhark's Avatar
    Well, Its practicaly brand new phone with no damage or anything...

    So I tried windows phone reset tool via PC and reboot appeared few hours after reset. It happend when my GF tried unlock phone, then bam - crashed. I also used Filed Medic app so I should have a report during that crash.

    Just during writting this text after unlocking phone all colours on start screen appeared dark, just like with max contrast.

    Well, strange things happening with this phone. I'm sending it to warranty repair
    08-14-2015 02:26 AM

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