1. Mani kanth's Avatar
    I have purchased a Lumia 720 (long back). I have thoroughly enjoyed this device as I have played around with apps and took countless pics.

    Suddenly I have found out that my Volume up button has stopped working. I was able to manage with the down button and somehow I pulled it off without taking it to a service center. Now the power button has stopped working and I have to get into phone by clicking on the camera button(god knows what would have happened if there was no camera button).

    Finally getting to my question..
    I have reset it to the primary version, the one which Lumia Recovery software gives you... These keys work for an hour or so and the problem is back..

    I get to know this is a hardware problem, which is certainly out of my hands... I want to know has anyone out there faced this problem?

    It gives a little courage to go to the service center... As service at my place sucks and I have to literally go around the place lots of times..
    08-14-2015 08:42 AM

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