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    Hey guys, I'm having a android right now, and considering buying a new phone.
    My budget is 13k to 14k. I would like to try lumia. First I saw 730/735 but now 640 is available with same specs and low price, but at the same time moto g3 is also available.

    So can you give your honest opinions is 640/windows worth giving away a moto g3/android . Or is there any other phone in lumia series that can give moto g3 a tough fight with same price ?

    Thanks in advance :)

    Edit : Also there are other windows mobiles available from htc and samsung, if you could tell me more it would be really great, can i consider any one of them?
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    I don't own a Moto G (3rd gen); but I have owned a Moto G LTE (2nd gen) for the past six months. I just bought a 640 about a month ago and if I had to only have one I would choose the 640 for a couple of reasons. First off both have 8GBof storage. But you can install just about everything to the SD card in the 640 while the Moto G (with Lollipop) allows very few things to be installed to the SD card and the ones they do let you install it only puts about half the app on the SD card and the other half in phone memory. You run out of memory with the Moto G very quickly while the 640 lets you go on and on. Second you can get the 640 for about half or less than you can get the Moto G. Third I am on my third Moto G and the warranty is still not over. My Moto G spends more time in Fort Worth (Motorola's repair center) than in my pocket. They both perform about the same. But the Moto G has tons of Google apps installed that you can't get rid of (eating up some of your 8GB's), while Microsoft lets you get rid of just about anything you don't want. I like having both each with their own cell number and account, but if I could only have one it would be the 640 in a walk.
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