1. jege41's Avatar
    Finally got fed up with W10Mobile on my 640 XL DS
    Constant freezing having to cold boot to resolve and OS running at 50% speed compared to W8 Mobile.
    Love the UI of W10M but unusable on my 640XL DS
    08-16-2015 02:09 PM
  2. Derausgewanderte's Avatar
    thanks for posting your experience. I was wondering if I should try the latest build. However, after reading all the stories in the different threads I decided against it. My last experience was with the L830 on build 10166. It was running fine but with too many missed notifications on my band. Hopefully newer builds will be more stable.
    08-16-2015 03:03 PM
  3. pankaj981's Avatar
    @OP: Did you try starting fresh after a hard reset without the restore option?
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    08-16-2015 03:36 PM
  4. Derausgewanderte's Avatar
    so I finally decided to try this on the new L640XL. Took a long time to get everything setup but in the end and after a final hard reset and all updates I am very pleased with it. Aside from the time on the lockscreen and the startscreen showing slowly (a few seconds) I do not have any issues at this point. It defaulted to a large screen phone setting so I have all the screen estate (5 action item columns, 4 medium tiles on start page etc). I was surprised about that and thought I'd need to interop unlock to get that.
    I've done interop unlock and was able to redirect maps to sdcard etc.

    so far I have not noticed lags in notifications to the Band and will continue to observe. Other than the known limitations such as Cortana not working with Band, it seems to be my best experience so far (knock on wood), better than my experience with previous builds on my L830.


    edit1: Noticed that I am getting some notifications twice, more so when I open an app with notifications on the phone.
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    08-22-2015 11:05 AM

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