1. Jefe32's Avatar
    09-06-2015 08:01 PM
  2. Jefe32's Avatar
    LOL Posted this at 3am and noticed the garbled sentence.
    09-06-2015 08:02 PM
  3. Visa Declined's Avatar
    Seeing the red 920 tribute hurt a bit, because I had one up until recently. Unfortunately though, it got considerably worn out, I was probably its third owner.

    There is a mint red 920 on Swappa for $115 that I'm trying to keep myself from buying. Maybe one of you blokes might want it? https://swappa.com/listing/HVM263/vi...pUvbUpU3219317
    RumoredNow likes this.
    09-07-2015 02:31 AM
  4. beman39's Avatar
    dear gawd! that video is like a romantic video of a the guy professing his love to it! LOL it was kinda creepy but very informative at the same time... if that's even possible lol
    Jefe32 likes this.
    09-07-2015 07:36 AM
  5. Martsicky's Avatar
    He also has an awesome Lumia 930 review!
    09-07-2015 07:39 AM
  6. Jefe32's Avatar
    LOL, yea
    12-06-2015 03:43 PM

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