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    My girlfriend owns a Nokia 920. About 12 months ago, she dropped it on the floor. Having completely smashed the glass screen, I decided to replace her glass digitizer, which I did for her. A few months later she somehow smashed it again. I replaced it again, but the phone was never quite the same. I got it back together but the accelerometer had failed, along with all the other bits of that particular module such as gyroscope and inclinometer. The phone also seemed to be slower, as if something had gone seriously wrong. So it was already on the way out imo.

    Along with those problems, it seems that despite using proper tape to seal it, I rushed the second repair and dust and dirt was getting in. Within a few weeks of regular usage, her LCD panel was covered in crap.

    So, on Saturday, I had another go, and it seems I've finished it off for good. Having taken it apart, cleaned it all up, got it all back together etc, now the screen fails to respond to any touches at all. I figured I'd just broken the digitizer, the ribbons are fragile after all, not a problem, I have a new one spare in my draw (the company who sold me the first digitizer sent a free replacement because I was annoyed about the fact it was labelled as OEM and it was quite obviously aftermarket), so I pulled it out and plugged it into the ribbon connection. Nothing. No improvement whatsoever.

    So, there's 3 possibilities here:

    1. I've damaged the OEM digitizer and the spare one in the draw doesn't work because it's aftermarket and the phone is running Windows 8.1 and I hear that 8.1 killed almost all of the aftermarket digitizers. Is there any way I can downgrade to the earliest version of Lumia 920's software? Windows Phone 7? or an early version of 8?

    2. The spare digitizer I was supplied is in itself, broken. Pretty hard to tell though.

    3. I've completely ****ed the motherboard and that's the end. However, does anyone know of any other connections related to the operation of the digitizer on the mainboard. Maybe I can isolate whatever the failing component is? If such an issue exists.

    Obviously, there's a lot in this thread, I don't want it to sound too long winded, but I really could do with some help.
    09-07-2015 04:39 AM
  2. SkezzaShredder's Avatar
    I'm wondering whether to buy one of these:

    Replacement Front Touch Screen Glass Digitizer Lens For Nokia Lumia 920 SHPG | eBay

    It looks like it has the correct resistor layout. What a pain in the backside though.
    09-07-2015 05:14 AM
  3. SkezzaShredder's Avatar
    I bought a new OEM screen. Doesn't work.

    Either the motherboard is dead, the flex is dead, or it's a firmware issue. I'll rule out firmware tonight, but I am pretty sure it's an eBay job now :(
    09-10-2015 04:56 AM
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    My Lumia 920 got stuck a few days ago without doing anything. After I have reset the phone, hard reset, battery disconnection nothing. My touchscreen was still freeze. I thought that this could be the problem but decided to go further and use Windows Phone Recovery Tool. No luck. I left my phone for a few days checking it daily but nothing. After the battery was fully empty I have recharge it and I saw that the touchscreen it's working again but got stuck a few minutes after, just managed to passed it through the startup settings. I made a soft reset and disabled the wifi connection. I worked without any problem for a while. I thought that the wifi connection is the problem but I realized that each time after I enabled the wifi the phone got hot top center and got stuck in maximum 1 -2 min. I made another test with the wifi off and using the camera to record something, in 5 minutes got stuck and the same hot top center of the phone. Now I can use my phone without any problem but just to talk, send SMS and use the date connection to check FB from the browser but really fast to don't get stuck, without forcing it. I realized the heat is the problem as for example when it's getting stuck i have to put it on my fridge to be able to reset it and unfreeze to screen.
    09-16-2015 05:26 PM

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