1. acrodex's Avatar
    Just noticed that there is a rubber piece in my 830's headphone jack. It doesn't affect the function yet, but I am wondering if it could cause problem later.

    09-08-2015 08:09 PM
  2. SPS828's Avatar
    My 930 has this too. My headphones work fine so I don't think its a problem.
    09-08-2015 08:19 PM
  3. micallan_17's Avatar
    Yeah, it's fine. I haven't had any issues with mines
    09-08-2015 09:10 PM
  4. Mr Lebowski's Avatar
    not a defect
    09-08-2015 10:22 PM
  5. gordonfink's Avatar
    On the inside of the phone, there is a rubber sleeve that you slide the headphones into. What you are seeing is part of that sleeve, slightly misaligned. Ordinarily, it lines up with the hole, so you don't see it. Shouldn't be a problem.
    hasasimo and xandros9 like this.
    09-09-2015 04:45 PM

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