1. Parchuri's Avatar
    how to install android apps in windows phone
    09-09-2015 06:33 AM
  2. charlatan1978's Avatar
    Hi, you can't.
    Microsoft are making it easier for Android apps to be ported to Windows, but you cannot install Android apps directly.
    As far as I know....
    09-09-2015 07:12 AM
  3. v535's Avatar
    Some developer has successfully sideloaded apk files on w10m. Use this handy tool to sideload apps to your Windows 10 phone | Windows Central
    09-14-2015 12:48 PM
  4. a5cent's Avatar
    If you are referring to getting Android apps to your Windows Phone via the leaked Project Astoria...

    Windows Central is taking a hard line on posting of links to these tools, direct or indirect. Please do not post links or directions in comments as you risk having the post deleted. Continued abuse of this rule may result in account termination.

    If you want something purely Android, check over here: Ask Anything - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    Thread Closed.
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    09-14-2015 12:53 PM

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