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    As i was going through some threads here in this forum, i came across somebody talking about wireless charging in our 640 XL. Man, u got to have some GUTS there to thinker around some of those cute little small circular contact points in the back, and mind it.. you might even destroy it.
    I have my share of wireless charging in my 640 XL, and D*#%!.. its working pretty cool!

    I got myself a UNIVERSAL WIRELESS CHARGING PAD AND RECEIVER off ebay. priced at about $10-15.. It comes with a package of its micro usb cord, charging pad, and its receiver.
    so, still convinced that wireless charging is not for our 640 XL???? I Dont Think So!!! our 640 XL ROCKS!!!!
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    09-26-2015 02:54 AM
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    So what do you think guys???
    09-26-2015 03:59 AM
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    So what I see: This goes under a separate case you put onto the phone. And that case has the charger pad between phone and case on the back (first images you got the black case on the phone).
    Question: Does the wireless receiver pad fit under the actual phone case and fit inside the phone, or is it too thick? Or does the wire to the USB charging port not work that way?

    Still would love to see a charging pad directly build into the case.

    Otherwise this is just a "meh" solution (for me at least). E.g. I'd be hiding the cool orange case of the phone with this. Can't use my clear cases, otherwise it would look ugly.

    I will still try to get my L920 or maybe even this one you posted from ebay to work with the contacts in the phone. I actually do not think soldering to the phone's contacts is necessary as the contacts are springloaded and you can slide a flat contact into the opening and tape it down so it doesn't slide out when you remove the case.

    thanks for sharing
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    09-26-2015 10:11 AM
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    yes it does fit if you put it directly under the phone case, but the wire which needs to be inserted to the micro usb port seems off way for the case. The case will not fit as usual because of the wire springing out from the back. There are other phones wherein its back case doesn't encroach the bottom part of the phone. You can easily slip the charging pad under it and close it up leaving the wire attached to the phone's micro usb port.

    Well in my case, hiding the super fancy orange back case with a black TPU case works well for me. Orange seems too fancy. Sometimes I look at my phone to be an extremely large candy bar and it stimulates me becoming hungry..

    I really cant understand why Microsoft didn't push through with the wireless charging back case???? makes me wonder... probably it would be an additional cost for the consumers considering a mid-range phone sporting a higher end hardware specs? Maybe they didn't consider it. That's what makes the 640 XL stand out from the rest guys! too bad!!
    09-26-2015 12:31 PM

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