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    like Nokia Lumia 920 has silver plated navigation bar and its out of screen, its very catchy & helpful to use i think & may be it was the main signature of windows device. But later on all Microsoft Lumia device has the navigation bar on the main screen, its so bothering to use.
    Can we have the old pattern of navigation bar on your future device .... PLEASE
    10-03-2015 10:45 AM
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    Hello and welcome to Windows Central.

    You may have the impression that we are Microsoft - we're not. This is a forum for everything Windows, supported by fans and enthusiasts. Everyone is free to share their opinion (within the community guidelines, of course), but it would be best to send all feedback to Microsoft directly in order for such feedback to be received by Microsoft.

    But to answer your question, having the navigation bar in the screen has at least two benefits: maximize the face of the phone for the screen (instead of a navigation bar permanently eating some space) and to save on additional hardware (and inherent costs, thereof).

    You may create a Windows Central account to respond in this thread.
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    10-03-2015 11:07 AM

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