1. mpethe's Avatar
    I have always purchased phones through a carrier, and honestly the last 2 year contract I had with Telus for my Lumia 1020 was fine.

    Now that I want that badly needed upgrade to the 950/950XL, and I will have to spend $1000 CAD on a device - which provider makes sense? I've only ever been with Bell and Telus so I don't know how the "discount" carriers are.

    The Telus BYOD plans are a joke; it's honestly about the same price I'm paying on my contract.

    Public Moblie looks like I could drop my monthly price by a significant amount. I've heard Wind is crap. Who's a good carrier to look at?

    Currently I need about 1 GB data, and 300 or so minutes including long distance in Ontario. International texting would be a nice to have.
    10-09-2015 02:38 PM
  2. o4komodo's Avatar
    Purchase the dual SIM variant.
    Assuming you're in the GTA and similar area then...
    Grab the wind $39 promo (save $6) get unlimited data.
    -> Unlimited data (full speed up to 5gb then throttled there after)
    -> Unlimited Can/USA calls
    -> International SMS
    -> Reduced international calling rates
    -> Unlimited MMS to Can/USA
    -> Reduced roaming rates
    -> Voicemail
    -> Call display, call forward, call waiting

    Then turn to someone like koodo or Fido as your main and purchase their $35 BYOD plans.
    With Fido you'll get...
    -> 300 anytime minutes
    -> 300mb data
    -> Unlimited international SMS/MMS
    -> Unlimited evenings/weekends (5pm) (canada wide)
    -> Call display
    -> Voice mail

    Koodo should be very similar.

    That's $75 prior taxes and what other fees are included (if any) and you have yourself a powerhouse of phone.

    This is what I would absolutely do... but I already have an amazing (grandfathered) plan from Fido with a 6GB data bucket.
    10-09-2015 03:51 PM
  3. Alexander Long's Avatar
    The new Public owned by TELUS sound good too, they are giving away free sim for you to try and it is using TELUS network and coverage now. Plus it is prepared, so great for Kid too.
    And if you choose to top-up every 3 month you can get as cheap as $1/day including data, unlimited voice and txt. Makes me almost want to switch , but I am grandfathering the old 6GB Data plan, so I am not switch for now yet.
    01-03-2016 10:06 PM

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