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    What does it REALLY mean that AT&T is rolling out this update with true Denim and GDR2 for the 830, when they had previously seemed to have abandoned it?

    What I think, and if you really think about it I believe you will, too, is that AT&T is most likely going to allow and roll out the Windows 10 upgrade later to the 830.

    Why would I think this? You may say, "It took AT&T this long and now you really think they'll roll out the W10 update?" Yeah, I do. Because the update they are currently introducing the the 830 is one that is required in order to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. Without this update, you can't upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

    Now, since this is a required update for moving forward to Windows 10 Mobile, then what other reason would AT&T have with this peculiar timing of Windows 10 Mobile being right around the corner? They haven't allowed the update before and could have, so why allow it now? They allow it now so that users can later upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

    Now... You may ask, "Hey, Rhapdog! Do you have any proof? Do you have some inside knowledge?" Absolutely NOT! I have no proof. I have no one on the inside that could give me this information. This is just me reading between the lines at what I believe must be their logic considering the timing of the roll out of Denim.

    Feel free to express your own opinions on this if you like. Just remember, though, that this is my opinion and not something from AT&T. If they decide later not to update, don't come looking for me to boil me in oil saying, "But Rhapdog said we would get it!"
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    10-14-2015 03:59 PM
  2. ashram's Avatar
    well, considering this update is needed for Windows 10, could you imagine how long an upgrade would take if you had to run this 1st and then go to 10? that would be HOURS of downtime.

    My guess? after the positive outlook from last week's press event, at&t must have figured "everyone wants these 950 and 950XLs, so it must be for windows 10 and not the actual hardware. people seem ready to jump ship from carriers not releasing windows 10, so lets get as many devices as we can ready for windows 10, since that is what people want, not new hardware"

    never said at&t had the smartest of staff....
    10-14-2015 04:06 PM

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