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    I bought like one month ago a Lumia Icon the phone is on excellent condition flawless, But I'm having a weird issue with the screen or maybe software. There's like weirds pink or purple lines on the screen when the camera is open. On low light pictures the lines are present even on the photo. They are not only in the camera they are even on the boot screen before the Verizon logo and even the whole system more noticeable on gray colors. I'm on WP8.1 but the black on the screen its like a redish black its not pure black, I downgrade to Lumia Black WP8.0 but the lines and and redish black was there to. I need to know if someone has this issue before, what can I do? Buy a new screen? Or its a software related?wp_ss_20151015_0001.jpgwp_ss_20151015_0002.jpg
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