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    Sometime yesterday noon, my lumia 1020 screen started to fade and went to a pale greenish appearance.

    The phone was working perfect till yesterday noon and there was absolutely no trigger for this sudden change.

    The only change/ difference to the phone was I updated to the Windows 10 preview version last week and was trying it for a week. The version was not stable and was draining my battery in no time.

    I initially suspected the screen change to be an after-effect of the new OS and I reverted to the Windows 8.1 and still the screen is stuck at the same pale greenish state.

    I now did a factory reset and still no help.

    I googled for this issue and found forums which talks about the freaky little lifetime of S-AMOLED displays. I started fearing now if my display is also started dying !!

    My phone is just 1 year OLD( a few weeks + an year) and I cannot digest this fact about AMOLED display lifetime. I wouldn't have gone for this phone if I knew about this display evil before.

    The question is how can I figure out if it is a settings/ software issue OR a real hardware issue (I have tried changing display settings/ brightness/ color profiles etc with no help)? If it is a real hardware issue I am pretty sure that the Windows 10 update has triggered this(I just cant think of any other actual trigger). In that case will I be eligible to get a free of cost support from Microsoft?

    Thank you,
    10-16-2015 11:36 PM
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    My L1020 is older than yours and I'm not having any issues with the display. I suspect that the technical preview pushed some of the hardware beyond their limits, initiating some damage whose effects were apparent much later. Check the warranty of your L1020 - is it 12 months or 24 months? If it is only 12 months, then even if it was the technical preview that triggered it, your phone will not be eligible to free-of-cost support from Microsoft.

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    10-17-2015 04:44 AM

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