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  1. grahamf's Avatar
    This phone is getting annoying.

    Once in a while I'll check my phone and it says that Wifi is not available. If I go to the Wifi screen it cannot see ANY of the more than 30 wifi networks in the area, let alone mine which is right next to the phone. Turning Wifi on and off doesn't help, only shutting the phone off and restarting. Cell service is unaffected.

    This is a Blu Win HD LTE, with the latest OS pushed to the device.
    10-18-2015 03:39 PM
  2. Codster314's Avatar
    Not much you can do. I think your only options are:
    1) Try a soft reset instead of a restart (this is like unplugging the battery). This sometimes clears some issues a phone can have. Press and hold (Power & Volume-) to do this.

    2) Last thing would be to do a Hard Reset (Either from inside the OS, or using the hotkeys if you have to). When you do this you will lose all data and apps from your phone. You'll have to reinstall them all. When it asks if you want to load your backups when you first start up, say no (you want a clean test). Then you'll want to test if the problem is still present.

    3) If it still happens, most likely a Hardware issue. Exchange the phone and get a new one if you can.

    EDIT: That said. Make sure your network is not 5GHz, as this phone doesn't have a 5GHz antenna, only a 2.4GHz. So you will not see 5GHz only SSIDs. If your router is submitting dual band with a single SSID, maybe consider splitting them if you can (i.e. ssid-24 & ssid-5). Turn off WiFi Sense (incase it is messing with something). Also note that WIFI signals with this phone are often very week. I dont always get full reception even if I am next to the router.
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    10-20-2015 08:00 PM
  3. grahamf's Avatar
    I'll try the next time it does it. It seems to futz out when I go for a walk or take the bus somewhere far, but is otherwise fine when i stay on campus.

    And when I say it can't see any networks, I mean ANY networks. My apartment has at least 30 Wifi networks (ranging from Shaw default configurations to presonalized networks to wifi printers) viewable at all times, and when the phone borks it can't see a single one. I had actually first noticed this problem when i went to a Microsoft store and wanted to try out a Miracast display. My phone couldn't see **** while the display phones could see five or ten networks, and upon rebooting my phone it could see more.

    It seems to me to be some sort of software bug, I could try resetting next time it happens though.
    10-20-2015 08:47 PM

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