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    Hi All !!

    Iam using Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim with a 16 GB Strontium Class 10 Sdcard. There will be times throughout the phone usage where apps stored in the sdcard become unavailable and their icon tiles will be seen light coloured and "unavailable" will be tagged in the search window. Why does this happen. I have seen some one facing this issue before on the forum but I don`t seem to find a permanent solution to this.

    All i do is a hard reset (Volume down and power button) and it works sometimes, other times it just does`nt work at all, so I do it a second time and it works. When the phone boots a second time I get a sdcard error popup that asks to perform an sdcard error check (asks me to save the data before doing this) when I say yes it a card scanning and everything is back to normal.

    Is there any specific sdcard that should be used for Lumia 730 from a specific vendor(I hope that is not the solution as sdcard has a standard protocol on the hardware and software side so it should be vendor neutral) or should I go for a lower class like a class 8 or 6.

    I don`t know how to find a workaround for this because the everything seems great other than this on NL 730 like on phone storage and OS and evrything.

    Could someone suggest some workaround for this.. Thanks in advance.
    10-23-2015 10:11 AM

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