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    I've had my Nokia Lumia for well over a year now. It's worked fine up until this summer. Now I have major charging issues with my phone.
    My main problem is that the charger has to be positioned so that it is to the right when it's inserted into my phone's charging slot otherwise it will not charge.
    I've had this problem with most chargers I've tried, and with some my phone will not charge at all. Is this an internal problem, a problem with the charging slot or do I just have bad chargers??
    What also happens a lot is my phone displays the flashing battery icon to say that it's charging, but the percentage charge actually decreases. I can solve it usually by taking the charger out and then re-inserting it.
    I can't afford a new phone, so I'm praying this isn't a charging slot issue, but I feel that at this point, it probably is.
    10-28-2015 08:38 AM

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