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    Hello. Just yesterday, I was about to power off my phone (held the power button till 'slide down' appeared' but I didn't as I slid up instead. I left the phone for a few hours then on return the phone wouldn't come on.
    I did a soft reset which brought it back to life but after being operational for 10mins or so (everything working including power/lock button) and leaving to go back into sleep mode the problem started again.
    The problem seams to be the power/lock button and after checking numerous forums with broken power buttons none of the solutions worked. Its definitely not getting stuck or anything as I'm able to perform a soft reset which then makes the phone work for as long as I don't let it go to sleep by its self (note: removing the battery and replacing also has the same result). Even pressing the the camera in unresponsive state does nothing apart from from getting the vibration it does when its come ON, meaning its ON but I can't operate it.
    Also, when its in an unresponsive state I can't receive calls or messages of any kind until I soft reset. Putting in a charger sometimes brings up the lock screen but the power/lock button still wont work.
    I'm going around in circles and my last resort now is to hard reset to see if that helps. If not, I'm not sure what to do other than take it to a Nokia care shop.
    If anyone has had a similar problem or knows of a fix then it would be greatly appreciated.


    (Update) so far I haven't managed to fix the problem. However, I have come closer to diagnosing it.
    As I said in my previous statement, I was going to try a hard reset, which I did. After annoyingly having to re-enter passwords and accounts the phone was back up and running. It It was running fine for about 5 days before the bug appeared again. I didn't really want to have to hard reset every time so I just soft reset which got the phone working as long as it didn't go to sleep.
    A couple of days later I had turned of my 3g data and was in an area where I had no wifi. I noticed that after soft resetting that the phone was actually staying on and and all the side buttons where staying functional. So, I disabled wifi and 3g and the phone work just fine, but no connection to the internet.
    If I really need to update emails, browse the web etc I turn back on wifi. BUT, within a couple of minutes the side buttons will become non-functional so when I have finished I have to soft reset again making sure to switch off wifi before I do.

    It could be that an application that uses the internet often is causing the bug but I have no way of knowing which one, or it could be that the whole phone is being effected by the internet.

    Know that I have diagnosed this far, does anyone have any suggestions now?

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