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    Just wanted to see if there are other people in the same boat as I am.

    Case history:
    1. Bought Lumia 930 Orange in Feb from Expansys-USA. Got Netherlands CV.

    2. Microphone problem noticed and sent in for repair around mid August. Expansys has a nice policy of helping with warranty repair in the first 6 months (part of why I bought from them, even though it was more expensive than Amazon).

    3. Waiting ever since for device return. Pinging expansys almost every Friday, getting response from in the next 2 weeks (did not happen) to we will let you know when (yeah right). The only informative response was "awaiting parts. Parts reseller keeps changing dates on us".

    So almost 6 months of phone in hand, 2.5 months (and counting) of phone in repair center. Anybody in the US get their phone back after similar repair? Just want to get an idea of how much longer of a wait I am looking at.

    Thanks for sharing.
    11-05-2015 05:15 PM

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