1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    When the error appears on the screen, i take the battery and sim card out, put them back in and it works fine for anywhere between 1 minute and a couple of days, any ideas????????????????
    11-06-2015 01:34 PM
  2. Alex Sherman1's Avatar
    I did this to my 1520. Did you do anything to the card reader recently before this happend? You may have damaged your sim or the card tray. Hope it is a sim card issue and just switch it with your provider. If it isn't do a factory reset in your phone that may help, if that doesn't it may be the worst which would be to replace the tray or get the 550 in Dec. :)
    11-06-2015 01:44 PM
  3. Alex Sherman1's Avatar
    For the 1520 I had been screwing around with it and may have broken one of the reading pins for the sim card tray. I got so fed up with the process of fixing it and downgraded to my 925 until the 950 comes out.
    11-06-2015 01:47 PM

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