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    After tapping left on my Inbox for Gmail or Yahoomail, I delete the ticked emails by tapping the bin, and they vanish. But when I later check the same email account/s on my PC, the same 'deleted' emails are still shown in the Inbox. How do I erase my chosen emails on the Nokia Lumia phone?
    11-11-2015 04:25 PM
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    1) Are using pop3 (with a copy to retain on the server), imap4 or exchange?

    2) Do you have the same issue with outlook.com emails?

    Only imap4 and exchange sync both ways, pop3 does not.
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    11-11-2015 10:01 PM
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    If you need to add additional information or want to post additional questions, please join the site so you can see the reply button and continue the conversation in the same thread you originally made.
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    11-11-2015 10:25 PM

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