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    Hello from Bosnia guys.. So here is my problem (Hope there is a way to fix this)
    As far my Nokia Lumia 1020 goes : It works perfectly - No issues , Great phone and I use it heavily for over a Year now - - - Except this little issue !
    I record all kind of videos (from Basketball games to Party's)

    It was a DJ Event (House Music) and I recorded the last "Set" . I had a lot memory left since i copied all the other videos of the event on my laptop. I decided to just hit record, leave it on the tripod and record for almost 90 minutes... I was thinking : OK its enough , but my friend is telling me : In 20 minutes the "Set" is over, and i said OK i will continue to record ...... After couple minutes... The phone tells me : There is no Memory Left , Free Up space ,ect (the usual thing)
    I freaked out , and suddenly i hit the BACK button twice (I saw in the upper left corner that the video is trying to save) .. It looks like - When I was hitting the BACK button twice.. Seem like it was not saved ???
    DAMN.... (And the people gave me good money to record the whole thing)
    After the party was over . I tried to figure out WHAT was going on.. the Phone acted strange... could not access the Photo CACHE :(( .. Restarted the phone... again ..
    "Tough" access ...... I was prepared for the worse.
    The video did not show up in my Camera Roll (Of course I use the default Nokia camera, and it saves the files in to the Camera Roll)
    BUT the MEMORY is still FULL, so somewhere the video is saved.
    Came back Home ... - Connected to my Win10 Laptop, linked up the phone,,
    after all the file Loaded.. there it was .. THE VIDEO is there, but no thumbnail(picture)
    The size of the vid.= 11 GB ... COPY / PASTE on my laptop - Double klick it ... NO ! ! !
    The file cant render... O__O DAMNN... What now The file is 11 GB Big, but it wont play.? ? - Now I'm sitting here trying to read comments and looking for softwear

    SO - The video is here, but it wont play... but it has to be a way or ?

    Is there Anyone here that can help A.S.A.P
    11-14-2015 12:50 AM
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    You may need to create a Windows Central account to Reply in this thread to the comments/solutions/correspondence that will happen.

    The hopes of recovering that video is slim, since it seems to have been corrupted. However, have you tried using a Video Converting software to "force" converting the video into some non-corrupt format?

    Aside from that, at the moment, I can't think of a different possible solution. A corrupt file is simply corrupt; unless you have the missing parts of the file (which you most likely don't have), the file most likely can't be repaired.

    A similar issue happened with my Lumia 1020 - full memory while recording - however, I am able to play the video in my PC, but with some hiccups/cut segments.
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    11-14-2015 01:32 AM
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    First of all . Thank YOU for the Help/Reply . I registered right away :D (hehe)

    True but saad, Looks like the video is gone - I new it :(( - The Hardest part for me will be the moment when I pick up the phone and call the DJ & Organiser to tell em that the best footage is gone :( - But its all good tough - I will not charge my service for that day - THE END -

    I was reading other POST's / solutions to similar problems. - "The Converting Software" - Do you know one ? ? (Zune does not work for me ;)
    (Asoftech Data Recovery < tried that too (but not to its full potential - I just need a way to know How to enable mass storage on Win Phone 8.1 and I'm using a Windows 10 Operating System ?

    Maybe I can - Like you said "FORCE" it to do the magic & keep my fingers crossed :))

    Kind Regards

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    11-14-2015 10:26 AM
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    I personally use Any Video Converter, but of course there may be a lot of newer and better alternatives to that now (I've had this one for more than a year already).

    Oh, and welcome to Windows Central.
    11-14-2015 11:29 AM

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