1. podsnap's Avatar
    Was bored, so I thought I'd have a play with making some Lumia print ads highlighting the awesome camera.

    lumia950xl-face.jpg lumia950xl-macro.jpg

    Historically, I think Microsoft are very hit and miss with their marketing. Their marketing of the Surface RT and 2 in the UK was more or less non-existent. Android and Apple have huge single and double page ads in newspapers. I hope Microsoft really get ads everywhere.

    I've seen some great ads for Lumias but they can be too clever for the average punter. So I'm following the KISS principal (Keep It Simple, Stupid!).

    Anyway, nothing ground breaking just a bit of fun, ignore the tagline, I'm no good at that kind of thing.
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    11-16-2015 03:34 PM
  2. oviedofreak82's Avatar
    If they put these type of ads at bus stops and at mall kiosks, out could help draw attention to what Microsoft is offering. These ads do look nice. Excellent work!
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    11-16-2015 03:38 PM
  3. Zendroid1's Avatar
    MS should highlight these points and they'd have a marketing HR:

    SD card
    Removable back/battery
    Wireless Charging
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    11-16-2015 04:05 PM

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