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    So Ive been doing the Preview builds for some time now and generally I've found them better than win 8.1. But the last update brought some problems for me. It started happening little by little.

    I was unable to hold an internet connection for long. Be it Wifi or LTE. I noticed this when watching videos or playing online games.

    I kept getting system messages that I have no device storage. So I tried to go into settings and see how much storage I had left. However in storage sense I am unable to detect any storage at all. It is just empty. Even where it says to store new apps, pics, ex. I try to click to box to select where but there is nothing.

    Anyway, I though maybe I didn't do the install right So i did a rollback on the device and then redo the installation of win10. Here's where my main problem comes in. The device was slow. Really slow when trying to start the download of win 10. But it happened eventually. Then I got the setup screen and all that. It finally started up and showed me the start screen. But The tiles were overlapping each other. I can't select any of them and they keep flickering. It almost looks like static as I can't differentiate what each tile is. Even in my app list its the same. So I went through to settings from the swipe down notification draw and did another reset of the device. It started up again but this time it said welcome to Cyan. which is odd since I was on Denim before. But it did the same thing with the home screen and app list. Everything just looks like static. I can see the pictures of the tiles but they are overlapping so much. And I can't select anything. I went through to settings again via the swipe down menu. And went to info on the phone and it says I'm on Win10 10581. Anyway, I did another reset of the device. But now I noticed that I've got a faded border around the phone. I am just so nervous now. I don't know what to do. Have I bricked my phone because of all the updating and Backrolling? Is it something wrong with the motherboard or the memory?

    I am in the process of doing another rollback and then update hoping this will rectify the issue. But is there a way to wipe the phone completely. As when I set it up they always ask me if I want to restore the device from a previous build. Is it taking up extra space or is that only an online function.

    Extremely sorry for this very long post. I just want to know is the device scrapped as I Haven't had it very long. It would be heartbreaking to lose it.

    Thanks to anyone who is able to shed some light on this issue for me.
    11-17-2015 11:57 PM
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    After upgrading to win 10, do a hard reset. It wipes everything. It installs a fresh copy of win10m. Redownload all your apps. Text messages are gone. You can opt to restore from backup, but chances are it will cause the same issues. Most current build is very fast, but still buggy. Search info about newest build to prevent surprises
    11-18-2015 12:59 AM
  3. PrimordialFrost's Avatar
    LoL. I guess I didn't explain it correctly. But It's fine I managed to get it working now. But I still cant see the storage options. But now it shows the memory card in Chinese characters. But I cant select it. Ive also tried removing the card to see if that helps, But then it's just blank. But I am having to charge my device now as the battery drain was unbelievably fast today. Thanks for the help though.
    11-18-2015 06:46 AM

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