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    So the display dock arrived today, and I'm currently docked in, streaming spotify and browsing forums on the big screen (in fact writing this post from continuum).

    First impressions: This is the future, I can see in 3 years not needing a desktop and/or tablet unless you do some type of production (Audio or video) or development (Ie. Visual Studio). I would like to see wireless displays speed up, and you could have a Surface Display that was more less a dumb terminal for the phone, maybe with a onboard GPU for additional processing power.

    Performance: Its not great. Given this is the first iteration of this; and it does actually function on most modern websites, I'm impressed. If you have too many phone apps running, be pre-paired for wierd lags in mouse scrolls, and keyboard input. Is it acceptable for me, yes. My wife I think would get frustrated. For me I understand this is the first time in history anything like this has been actually acomplished, and to be honest, its pretty dang neat.

    Final thoughts: I'm impressed, knowing the depths of effort this took, I can only say its going to get better, and as a start, it's impressive. I look forward to seeing more applications take advantage of the universal application framework, and I also am interested to find some games that can run under continuum.

    That and right click spelling check in Edge would be nice. :)
    11-24-2015 07:30 PM

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