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    im due delivery of my 950 tomorrow and im just wondering the best way to transfer all my stuff from the 650 to the 950. also if i take the sd card out and put in the 950 will it be recognised straight away or will it wipe it.
    keep reading threads of lots of problems with the 950, been a massive fan of lumia but its starting to worry me now.

    12-01-2015 05:11 PM
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    Did you mean Lumia 620, 630 or 640?

    Anyway, if you have apps installed on your SD Card, simply transferring that SD Card to your new phone will not transfer the apps - as discussed elsewhere in the forums. You would need to re-download the apps in your new phone - apps that support Onedrive back-ups will have their information transferred once your sync them through the app settings.

    There's also a chance that your new phone will wipe the card, so it's best to back the contents of the card first in your PC before inserting it in your new phone once it arrives.

    Lastly, most users tend to post about the problems they encounter with anything - that's the reason the forums are filled with "problems" rather than positive experiences (although there are a few who are generous and optimistic enough to share their positive experience). I'm confident that there are a many users who have a positive experience with the Lumia 950, it just so happens that they either don't have a Windows Central account, are not active Windows Central members or are busy living.

    You may create a Windows Central account to Reply in this thread.
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    12-01-2015 10:03 PM
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    On the old phone, go to Settings > backup and make sure to get a fresh backup for all categories offered.

    Sign in on the new phone with the same Microsoft Account as the old phone to retain App purchases, SMS history, even some settings.

    Anything cloud based will come back to you by signing into those services. Email addresses bring emails, contacts, calendar, etc. PayPal, Banking, Office and OneNote, OneDrive. So much is based on a cloud sign in now it is simply a matter of logging in. Compare between phones to make sure you are getting logged in where needed.

    On the old phone, you can stay on the same account if holding on to it. If you are passing it along to someone or selling it, be sure to do a Reset and leave it to the next person to create or use their own Microsoft Account. Otherwise they get access to your SMS, emails and everything else that is a permanent log in.
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    12-02-2015 11:40 AM
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    Just adding onto gpobernardo's comment...

    I did upgrade from a Lumia 830 AND did a restore on the 950. It took about 5 days for all of my txts to come back. Beyond that, my issues were minimal compared to others.

    just yesterday, I went into onedrive, deleted my 830 backup, created a new backup from the phone, and did a hard reset with restore. Upon the 1st reboot, I pulled the SD card and popped it into a PC and deleted the Maps folder as well as the application folder (forget what it was called, but it was hidden) Not only did all my txt messages return in 20 minutes flat, the 950 didn't heat up to much during the restore. Sure, it took about 3 hours to redownload all my apps, but all was and still is good! The only issue I had, some games that did restore previously didn't this time.
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    12-02-2015 12:20 PM
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    thanks for l the replies, I must have tried five times to reply using firefox and chrome and it kept saying script was running on the webpage, only ever get it with windows central and it just crashes each time, now using IE and it seems to be working.

    made a typo on the first post but I think you all guessed that, I have the lumia 640 at the moment and ive just bought the 950 although I should have had it today, DHL delayed it so should be here tomorrow. I'm just backing my sd card up, I know in the past that whenever Install a card it it wants to format and wipe it, I guess it best to the card first. (sorry I type the page is hanging and my typing is worse lol)
    so your using your windows transfer the phone details over.

    edit...just re read the advice, I will check my onedrive in a minute, under settings on the phone it has under back up, apps + settings back up on, photos + videos - auto upload is on for some media. I'm assuming then when I get the new phone, is to log into my windows account on that phone and will give you the option of restoring to the new phone.
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    12-02-2015 02:45 PM

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