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    My SD card in my L1520 would always need to be scanned after a soft reset. It was only a 4GB card so I took this opportunity to reset my phone and install a 32GB card.

    Everything went great. Took a while to restore everything but it eventually reinstalled all my apps, set my start screen exactly the way it was and even most of the data inside my apps was restored.

    However, there are two apps that are not working correctly. One is the Glance Backgrounds. I know this app was discontinued and is no longer supported. Is there any way at all to reinstall this? I see it in SysApp Pusher but it won't let me install saying it won't work on my device. It was before the reset.

    The second is Simple Calendar. I like to see my appointments on the lock screen so I used this to accomplish that. Since the reset I can set the lock screen in Simple Calendar but it never changes the lock screen. The lock screen settings are set to use Simple Calendar. I can set any other app to change the lock screen and they work fine. Is there something wrong with Simple Calendar? Or, is there another calendar app that will put more than one appointment on the lock screen?

    12-03-2015 10:13 AM

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