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    I am thinking of switch from Android to Windows Phone.
    I've been an android user since android 2.

    I live in Belgium so Dutch is my native language.
    I was wondering if the following feature will work:
    - Read and reply sms on my windows 10 desktop pc.
    Or should I put my phone in English to use this feature?
    - Quite hours. Can I set quite hours on pc and mobile and the other way around?
    - Any advantages of using Windows 10 Mobile for productivity? I use my smartphone a lot for work. E-mail, Calendar, Tasks (Mis this on android to be able to convert an e-mail into a task, is this on Windows Phone?), Evernote, One Drive.
    - I am still in doubt of using a single or dual sim version. The dual sim would be used on vacation to use a local data plan.
    12-03-2015 12:26 PM

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