1. tschmi1988's Avatar
    I have a question about an problem on my new Lumia 950. I have noticed the following:

    When I put the charger into the phone and donít put the other site of the charger into the wall socket the Lumia wakes up regularly: Windows Hello seach me and a noise appears. After some seconds the Lumia goes into the sleep mode und after additional seconds the process starts again.

    Do you have an solution for this problem? And please donít recommend me, that I should not plug in the cable ;)

    Thanks, regards
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    12-05-2015 02:26 PM
  2. HOTDAWG's Avatar
    I noticed this as well, it would wake me up in the night when the screen comes on. I turned off Hello to save battery, and it seems to have fixed this issue as well.

    ETA: This happens when my phone is on a Qi charger. I just reread and understood your situation. Why would you only leave the cable in the phone?
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    12-05-2015 04:48 PM
  3. jlangner's Avatar
    Not sure why you would have only cable in phone?
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    12-05-2015 08:09 PM
  4. tschmi1988's Avatar
    I have a AC outlet which can be turn on by a switch or by wireless home automation. If I forget to switch the AC outlet the phone battery is empty.
    12-06-2015 02:24 PM
  5. Rune Christiansen's Avatar
    I have this problem too.
    I put the phone on my qi charger when I go to sleep and it stops charging at 100%, when it then goes below some threshold it starts charging again, lighting up the screen and Hello, and the whole room until it times out. It does this all night, really annoying.

    There should really be a simple setting to turn this behavior off(screen turning on), but I don't think it's there.
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    12-06-2015 03:03 PM
  6. npoe's Avatar
    Mine doesn't do that when it is done charging in the DT-910 and I think doesn't do it on the DT-900 (I haven't notice yet).

    Can you try covering with something the light sensor? It might help.
    12-07-2015 05:59 PM
  7. ace_dxb's Avatar
    I face this problem too and it is really annoying!

    1) Every time I place the phone on the Fatboy Wireless Charger (DT-910) - It keep's triggering "Windows Hello" and on some nights so often that the battery goes down to 75% despite being on the charger all night, suggesting that it had been switching on multiple number of times.

    2) The very same thing happens even when connected to the charger cable (wall socket) and it is so annoying.

    Another thing, I have noticed is that even if the Type-C is plugged on the phone side, without being connected to the wall socket or switched ON, the battery indicator shows that it is still charging. Isn't that weird!
    07-02-2016 04:33 AM
  8. Bobvfr's Avatar
    There is a solution that works to at least stop it bleeping, and to be honest I haven't lost any sleep with the light coming on so it may work and that is to use quiet hours.

    Nothing to lose by trying it and the alarm clock still works in the morning.
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    07-02-2016 05:39 AM
  9. Sri Ramoz's Avatar
    Guys, I think it's a feature that I always wanted on phone. I mean, the phone beeps if you just plug in the charger and you forget to trigger the power switch ON. Only thing that could have been better is an appropriate message!
    09-29-2016 09:01 AM

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