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    are there audio issues with Windows 10 Mobile?

    I use Plex and Pocket Cast (tried various other podcast apps). If I suspend an app by pausing the audio, say before getting out the car (where I using A2DP streaming), when I reconnect to my bluetooth in-car player, the audio will not resume playing. I hit the play button and nothing happens. I have to reboot the Lumia 950.

    I sometimes had this problem with my Lumia 925 running Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan, but only occasionally. I would love to get these audio problems resolved.

    Generally speaking I think the 950 could do with some performance improvements. My apps don't seem to start much quicker than on my 925. Battery life seems to be a problem too. I've done a few tweaks and will see if that improves.

    My 950 is unlocked. Will Windows 10 Mobile receive updates as frequently as the desktop version? Is it worth using slow ring insider updates. I'm wary about this because it is my main phone.

    Really like the phone, just having a few niggles here and there.
    12-06-2015 02:07 PM

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