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    First off I want to thank everybody for their time.
    Here's my story. I picked up a Lumia 1520 a while back, Trading it for an iPad mini. At the moment I was using the BlackBerry Passport is my daily driver and still absolutely love that phone. On occasion I would pull the Sim card out of The Passport and spend a day or two with the 1520. Although I liked the phone it was never enough make me want to switch full time from my BlackBerry. It only got interesting when I joined the insider program and started receiving Windows 10 updates. I'm now running Windows 10586.29 and this phone is now absolutely amazing. I actually went to the AT&T store on Friday and doing side-by-side comparisons found that the 1520 was as fast if not faster than most other phones in the store, including the 950. This thing actually runs like a brand-new phone, And I can't believe it's more than two years old. This actually has been a great eye-opener for me, as this shows you don't always need the latest and greatest to be competitive. I'm not sure I can really overemphasize the performance that I'm getting when compared with $700 and $800 handsets being sold today.
    Now, here's my dilemma. I'm enjoying this experience so much that I'm considering buying a brand-new, Still unsold unit from Amazon or eBay. I found plenty of new or new refurbished 1520s for around the $225-$250 mark. So my question to the forum is simple, what would you do? Like many of you I'm a big tech geek and have owned or own pretty much every gadget on the market so I believe I know what makes a good device. I only wish I would've found the Lumia 1520 sooner instead of having one fall in my lap over the summer. Anyway, any help in the form would be greatly appreciated.

    12-06-2015 02:21 PM

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