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    I got my RM-1096 international version of the 640 XL in August. As soon as I got the phone running, I set up the internet and MMS APN settings and made sure everything was working on AT&T's network. I didn't have any issues with MMS for a few months. On Thanksgiving, I received several group texts where the message was not automatically downloaded into the correct group conversation thread. Instead, they were showing up in the conversation thread of the individual sender saying "multimedia content in this message." When I went to the message and tapped the Download button, it would download the full message and place it into the group conversation thread. This issue seemed to correct itself by the end of the day.

    The next issue occurred late last week. I started receiving the same "multimedia content in this message" notifications, but this time, nothing happened when I tapped the Download button. I tested sending a picture MMS, but the message could not be sent. This problem was resolved after power cycling the phone. I was then able to send/receive MMS again.

    The third issue I experienced was after I upgraded to the Windows 10 preview this weekend. I received a string of group texts Saturday, but I could not download any of the messages. I tried power cycling the phone again, but MMS was still not working. I verified that cellular data connection was working, but I still couldn't figure out why I couldn't send or receive MMS. Finally, I decided to delete the internet and MMS APN settings and start over. Since doing that, MMS has worked fine for the past two days.

    Can anyone tell me if it sounds like there was an issue with my phone or if it sounds more like something was happening on the AT&T network to cause these issues?
    12-07-2015 02:02 PM
  2. Derausgewanderte's Avatar
    1) I had very mixed experience with group texts. Most time it's rather random how messages show up and not always are groups consistent depending on from which device the texts are coming from.

    2) Your power cycling could have simply fixed your data connection, which you may have lost temporarily before that (or it switched to something too slow for MMS). MMS will not work without data - but you already know that.

    3) after upgrading to W10M you would have to make the changes again you did initially to your MMS APN, as they are set back to default and will not work on the ATT network.

    if you get a SIM from ATT you shouldn't have to do that though. Maybe there are settings that will eliminate your issues.
    My initial thought is that it may be related to ATT connection and possibly your MMS APN settings. If I had issues again, I'd try to go to an ATT store and get a new SIM.
    12-07-2015 08:17 PM

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