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    I noticed this problem a day ago when I opened up the linked inbox (emails) and nothing would appear, just a black screen with the word "inbox" on top.

    Later on i came across more problems:

    -Could not receive text msgs. (receive them all at once when I restart the phone)
    -Instagram videos won't play
    -Spotify/Pandora won't play/start playing music
    -Picture app crashes while scrolling through pictures
    -Email app won't work unless I force it to crash couple of times and will work for a few minutes

    Solutions that I have tried but to no avail:
    -Restarting the phone
    -Taking out the sim card and SD card and replacing them
    -Uninstalling Skype
    -Deleting email accounts and re-adding them
    -Checking for an update
    12-07-2015 07:44 PM

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